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Manual Satellite Dish Vs Automatic Satellite Dish For Caravan

Manual Satellite Dish Vs Automatic Satellite Dish For Caravan

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2022

Are you a Caravan owner looking for what's best for your caravan? It is true that being an RV owner, you have to struggle to find the best quality TV channels. To cater this problem, we have crafted this article to familiarize you with the different types of satellites that are available in the market. We will be comparing the two major types of satellites; Manual satellite dishes and automatic satellite dishes for caravans and motorhomes.


What Are Automatic Satellite Dishes?


These dishes use gyroscopes, GPS position sensors, identification data, and a coordinated DVB decoder to help in identifying the satellite that it is pointing at. The dishes usually comprise of stepper engines to drive and give it a grip or hold on the top of the caravan roof, to distinguish changes ready while the vehicle is moving, a parabolic reflector, low-commotion block converter, and control unit.


As the name suggests it's fully automatic and connects within 2 mins without any manual tuning. The basic process is automatic satellite dishes rotate initially up and down or sideways for about 80 to 120secs to find the satellite, once it’s found the satellite it locks the position and starts sending the signal to the receiver. There are two types of satellite receivers available in Australia and they are 1. Vast receiver 2. Foxtel receiver.


The Australian government funds the VAST (Vast Access Satellite Television) services to provide tv and radio services all over Australia through the satellites. Therefore, when you are RVing, you can easily enjoy your favourite TV drama or shows without any ongoing costs. It's free of cost and you can access around 18 channels depending on your location. Check Satking twin tuner vast receiver...


For Foxtel, You need a satellite connection and an IQ box to watch Foxtel in your caravan and motorhome. You also need to pay a monthly subscription and you can choose different packages like sports, drama, entertainment and movies.


The most significant advantage with fully automatic satellite dishes is you can watch VAST TV or FOXTEL all over Australia. Caravan and camping people tend to travel to remote places so it's always good to get satellite tv wherever you go to watch your favourite sports, news and movies.


Some of the best fully automatic satellite dishes for caravan and motorhome are…


  1. Satking Promax – $3,995
  2. Satking Orbit - $2,395   


What Are Manual Satellite Dishes?


Another type of satellite dish is the manual satellite dish which is usually motor-driven. You need to alter the face of your dish manually to search for the signal. Moreover, these dishes are portable and do not need permanent placement over your caravan. You can manually shift these dishes according to your own need. But, as they are manual, they can't automatically catch signals and need manual tunning.

Furthermore, you need accessories like a tripod, tv meter, and vast receiver and manually connect to the satellite by adjusting the dish angle and location to set up this dish. Sometimes, it can take you up to 10 minutes just to set up this dish. Therefore, these dishes aren't efficient if you are not a tech person.


But there are some advantages with manual dishes compared to automatic ones.


Its portable and you can move it wherever you want, this option is very useful when you park your caravan under the trees. As satellites don’t like obstruction it’s a good option to move your dish wherever you want.   


It's cheaper than fully automatic dishes and you can purchase all the spare parts separately whenever you need them.  It also doesn’t require space on your caravan roof and you can use that space for additional solar!!!


But considering all the advantages and keeping in mind that we are living in a fast modern world, people like to watch instant TV and they can’t wait for 10 ins to set up all the time when they want to watch their favourite sport!!!


Manual dishes (full setup) costs you around $600 to $900  


How Do They Differ From Each Other?

There are multiple factors through which you can distinguish between a manual satellite dish from a fully automatic satellite dish. Let’s have a look at them.

1.    Price:

Considering the price, manual satellite dishes are less expensive compared to the fully-automatic satellite dishes. It's because you get more options in an automatic dish, and they are more durable. A manual dish can cost you around $600 to $900, while the automatic satellite can cost you $2000 to $5000.

2.    Set-up:

The set-up process of a manual dish is a bit complex compared to an automatic dish, especially when you are not a tech person. It can take you up to 10 mins to only set it up, while you don't even need the manual tunning in case of automatic dishes. You just need to press the start button, and it will display you the best quality signals within 2 mins.

3.    Portability:

Manual dishes are portable as they often need to shift to catch the signals. Whereas automatic satellites cannot be moved once installed, they automatically search out signals from the roof of your caravan or motorhome.


If you have any questions regarding manual or automatic satellite dishes, do let us know in the comment section below or call us 1300139255.

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