TV Satellite Dish For Caravan

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The Satking Orbit V3 Satellite Dish For Caravan use is a fully automatic Satellite dish TV dish. No need to manually dishes on the ground to watch TV anymore. Simply combine this system with a VAST or Foxtel Satellite receiver and you will be watching TV anywhere in Australia within 80 seconds.

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Our Caravan Satellite Dish Advantage

Caravan TV Antenna
Australia-Wide Coverage

The SatKing Orbit V3 TV Satellite Dish for Caravan has a 85CM high gain dish to provide coverage for VAST & Foxtel Australia wide. Just press OK the search. As the Orbit V3 uses satellite TV there is no internet buffering or delay when watching live sport like when using the internet.

Caravan Satellite Dish for Sale
Built in 24CH GPS to Find Satellites Fast

Utilising the latest in GPS technology to locate your exact location, the SatKing Orbit will quickly locate the desired satellite signal.

Caravan TV Aerial
Designed for Harsh Australian Conditions

The SatKing Orbit is built for harsh Australian conditions, it’s rugged, well made with all metal drive gears. Designed in Australia, the unit is perfect for travelling off the beaten track.

TV Satellite Dish for Caravan
Fully Warranty and Support

The SatKing Orbit is backed with a 2 year Australian warranty and fully supported by SatKing, a big Australian-owned company. Need assistance or help whilst on the road? Don’t worry, we have a 1300 helpline to assist you on your travels.

SatkingOrbit Dish Coverage Map

Australia wide coverage of VAST and Foxtel Satellite TV

The Satking Orbit V3 TV Satellite Dish For Caravan provides coverage for VAST Satellite TV and Foxtel Satellite TV for all of Australia. See attached map to show the coverage area.

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