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How to watch TV in Caravan & motorhome

How to watch TV in Caravan & motorhome

Thursday, 17 Mar 2022

How to watch TV in Caravan & motorhome

Getting a good TV signal can be frustrating at times. It becomes even harder to get a good reception when you are travelling in a caravan. There are people who believe in RVing especially after retirement and these people had challenges when it came to watching television.

Cruising across the country is amazing and fun but it’s much better and more enjoyable when you have a TV satellite dish for the caravan. But how exactly do you do it?

With a fully automatic satellite dish, you can watch TV in your caravan from anywhere. The satellite dish is easy to use and connects automatically and you will get reception all over Australia. With an automatic satellite dish, the signal is captured by the satellite dish. The signal is then transmitted through a controller that sends it through to the horn with the dish focusing the signal into a narrow beam.

Unlike the automatic dishes, the manual dishes take time and are hard to set up plus they give low-quality video and sound. With these, you have to connect the cables, from the dish’s receiver to the TV set in the caravan. It takes time and is hard to set up plus you have to position the dish at a certain angle. Whether you are a camper or an off-road enthusiast, you don’t have to depend on manual dishes.


The automatic satellite dish doesn’t have a cable connection with the TV set. It connects automatically with the TV making it easier to use. It doesn’t have compatibility issues and it's portable as compared to the manual dishes which must have an active cable connection all the time.

The automatic satellite dishes are used in vehicles in motion. These dishes use GPS positioning sensors and gyroscopes plus unique satellite identification data coupled with an integrated DVB decoder that aids in the identification of the satellite.

With the motorhome tv satellite dish, there are stepper motors that drive and aim the dish. The gyroscopes are used to detect changes in the satellite dish position when the caravan is in motion. It also has a low-noise block converter, a control unit and a parabolic reflector.

The receiver does scramble the encrypted signal to unlock the signal making it identifiable in the TV. The receiver also converts the digital MPEG signal to an analog format recognized by the standard television. With a caravan satellite dish, you get to watch all the TV stations available in Australia including free to air and Foxtel.  

Retirement is a fine age to go across the country in your caravan. Carrying your home in the caravan provides a sense of pride knowing that you are home and nothing can deter you from having all the fun you want. Your favourite shows or games don’t have to pass you. Simply get an automatic motorhome satellite dish that is easy to set up and use. Get to enjoy your favourite shows as you cruise through the country in your motorhome.

Being able to watch TV in your motorhome adds a cherry to your holiday. You don’t have to get bored as you wait for the weather to clear and continue your journey or when you are enjoying a break.

Most of the people who prefer relaxing away from the daily hustles of life in their caravans prefer having some sort of entertainment with them. Instead of having the internet and computers tag along your journey, why not get away from all that? Get a Satking Orbit fully automatic caravan satellite dish and take your TV with you all the way. Enjoy all your favourite shows on the road without the worries of poor signal reception and such using a digital fully automatic satellite dish.

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