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How To Watch Tv In A Caravan Or Motorhome? Here’s All You Need To Know

How To Watch Tv In A Caravan Or Motorhome? Here’s All You Need To Know

Tuesday, 19 Apr 2022

As we all are living in an era where the major proportion of entertainment comes from online sources like mobile phones, television, laptops, etc. It is estimated that 14.5 million Australians now have access to some form of Pay TV/Subscription TV, up 8.2% from a year ago. This number has only been increasing due to the new technologies being integrated into television and other electronic devices.


But what if you want to watch TV in your caravan or motorhome? You don’t want to miss out on the latest news or drama serials just because you are using the caravan, or do you? If that’s the case, we are more than happy to help you out as our today’s article is based on showing you ways through which you can enjoy TV entertainment in your caravan or motorhome. Read on.


What Are The Ways Through Which I Can Watch TV In My Caravan?


We have crafted this article in such a way that it would let make you familiar with the most efficient ways through which you can watch TV in your caravans or motorhomes. Here are the three best ways:


1.    Digital TV: 

You can get yourself a digital television for your caravan. A digital television usually comes with an antenna through which you can catch the signals to watch on your digital TV. If you have smart television like android or Apple tv, you can connect to the internet and watch Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, etc.


This is the easy way and cost-effective, but the problem is while you are travelling in Australia, you can access tv signals and the internet in metro cities only. If you are travelling in rural and remote areas, it's hard to get any signal (both tv & mobile), and you need to depend on DVD or pre-recorded programs for your entertainment needs. It is estimated that around 60% of Australia got no coverage for mobile and digital tv. These signal-related problems increase when you are travelling in a caravan or motorhome.


Caravan Smart Tv will cost you around $300 (32 inches) and comes with an inbuilt antenna. 


2.    Caravan Antenna or Aerial: 


Caravan antenna or aerial is similar, and they can be useful to get a tv signal for your caravan or motorhome. These are designed to strengthen your tv signal, and you get better reception compared to a digital inbuilt tv antenna. This is one of the most accessories when you purchase a caravan and are interested in watching tv while travelling. You can watch free-to-air channels with no ongoing cost, and no manual tuning is required.


Even though this is a better option compared to digital tv but it still depends on a normal tv signal, and it's not available in rural and remote Australia. This option only helps you in metro areas but in a better way compared to the inbuilt antenna. 


They start from $200 and go up to $500. 


3.    Satellite Dish


Satellite dishes are the best option to receive tv signals all around Australia. By keeping rural and remote areas in mind Australian government funds the VAST (Vast Access Satellite Television) services which provide tv and radio services to all Australians through satellite.    

As it's satellite service, you can access tv and radio all over Australia; you just need a satellite dish and vast receiver. This is the best option for caravan and camping people as most of them travel to remote areas, and it's good to receive a tv signal wherever you camp.


There are two types of satellite dishes available on the market for satellite tv 

  1. Manual dish and 
  2. Fully automatic satellite dish. 


·      Manual Satellite Dish


Manual dishes are less expensive compared to automatic dishes, and it's easy to carry wherever you want. Also, manual dishes don't need a parament place, and you can use them as a portable dish to move from one place to other depending on the signal.


But as the word manual says it all, you need to manually set it up whenever you want to watch the tv. You need to connect the dish, tripod, tv meter, and vast receiver and manually connect to the satellite by adjusting the dish angle and location. Sometimes it takes around 10 minutes to set it up, and it can be hard if you are not a tech person.


A manual dish setup, including a vast receiver, costs you around $600 to $800. 


·       Fully Automatic Satellite Dish


These are the expensive solution to watching tv, but by far, this is the best solution if you are serious about your TV. When travelling in a caravan or motorhome, you just need to press the power button and instant tv within 2 mins. No manual tuning is required, and all you need to do is press the button. When you press the button dish rotates sideways and upwards to connect to the satellite. Once it connects to the satellite, it will lock-in, and you can watch uninterrupted tv irrespective of outside weather.


For a fully automatic dish, you need to install this on top of your caravan or motorhome, and you can't move the dish once you install it. As it sits permanently on the van, you need to avoid big trees while you are parking as satellites don't like obstruction. We offer two kinds of automatic satellite dishes:


  1. Satking Orbit - $2,395
  2. Satking ProMax - $3,995

To install these automatic dishes, you would need a Satking Vast receiver which can cost you about $319, and the installation can cost you up to $500.  


Final Thoughts:


As we have mentioned the best options and ways to enjoy the Television facilities in your RV, we have concluded that automated dish satellites are the best solution if you are serious about your TV. And if you are in search of the best and most reliable automated satellite dish at reasonable prices, you can check out our website. 


SatKing is the leading satellite dish seller in Australia for caravan and motorhomes, and we have been providing our services for a while now. We also have a dedicated helpline 1300139255, to help our customers for tv related issues while they are travelling in a caravan or motorhome. Click here to get redirected to our page to know more about our services and models.


If you have any questions regarding our article, let us know in the comment section below.

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